Searching for Giants in Northern Ireland


So as some of you may know I am lucky enough to live on the north coast of Northern Ireland which has so many beautiful places to visit!

I currently have a friend from Cork staying with me so I decided to take her to Northern Ireland’s only World Heritage Site, the famous Giants Causeway.

I would highly recommend visiting and learning about the myth of Finn McCool, here is a little bit of info to get you started:

There are several ways of visiting the Causeway, my personal favourite is to walk from the nearby village of Bushmills (also home to the famous whiskey distillery!). It’s a lovely easy walk of around 2 miles each way and takes you through a gold course and along the sand dunes of the nearby Portballintrae beach. However you can also get a steam train from bushmills which is approx £5 for a return, this is certainly something different! If neither of these appeal there is also a park and ride system in place again from bushmills. All of these are cheaper options than paying to park at the actual attraction, which is £9pp (if you don’t want to go into the visitor centre you can walk to the stones for free)

I hope you like today’s blog!



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  1. Lois says:

    Want to go there now!!!!


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