Revision Struggles!

Hi there!

So as I’m sure some of you are aware I’m in my final year of university which means one thing… Lots of work!

It’s coming to the end of semester now so although I have completed several pieces of coursework involving presentations and many many essays, I’m left now revising 4 months work for exams in January!

I’ve nearly always struggled academically, I was always a goody goody at school and did all the work but it just wouldn’t always sink in! One method I have continued to use since GCSE’s all those years ago are mindmaps with lots of colours!

I thought I would just share a few tips to help you through any revision you may have to do, whether it’s for school, college, driving tests or university!

  1. Revise in a way that suits you – everyone learns in a different way! I have friends that can read something and just absorb it like a sponge. Others may find writing it over and over key, or you may, like me, find colours and mindmaps helpful
  2. Go to a neutral space – again this is unique to everyone! My roommate prefers sitting in bed revising, but if you’re anything like me you’ll end up snuggled under the duvet having a quick nap! I prefer going upstairs clearing the dining room table and just having everything in front of me. I get distracted very easily aswell so it’s best for me to choose somewhere a little quieter
  3. Remove any distractions- now for me this is very important! I have music on in the background, but I put my phone on airplane mode and turn off the tv. I also close my Netflix tan just to avoid temptation!
  4. Take breaks! – I feel this is an important one, forcing yourself to work when you’ve hit the wall isn’t going to help, if anything you’re going to stress yourself out more! Whenever you feel yourself starting to fade, go for a walk, watch an episode of your favourite series, have some snacks, whatever it takes to relax you and give yourself a little reward for what you have achieved so far!  
  5. Stay hydrated! – now if you know me, I know you’ll be screaming at me for being a hypocrite here! I am the worst when it comes to staying hidrated, I tend to just forget to drink and it never crossed my mind! I try to avoid caffeine (not liking coffee or energy drinks helps!) so I tend to just have a bottle of water next to me whenever I’m working. This is so important as you are more likely to remember things when hydrated, and less likely to get those awful headaches!

I hope this helps you, ultimately you can only try your hardest!

Let me know what tips you have for successful revision!
M xxx  


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  1. Lois says:

    Reblogged this on Lois Elsden and commented:
    A great post from a great little blogger… practical and helpful tips for revision… If only I’d seen these when I was doing exams!!


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