10 struggles when flying solo

Now maybe it’s just me that travels alone a lot, sometimes when flying home from university or when I was travelling around North America by myself, and I’ve come across just a few inconveniences along the way! Here’s my list of struggles I have faced!

•baggage in the loos
Now normally I only travel with hand luggage, which is still a challenge, but recently I arrived at the airport 45 minutes before the bag drop opened for my flight. So here comes the challenge.. With the man on the speakers constantly reminding me not to leave luggage unattended it was left for me to bring my big suitcase, carry on luggage and coat with me into the tiny cubicle – times like this you wish you had a friend to leave it with! :

•resting bitch face

Now I have an unfortunate case of RBF. Basically it either looks like I’m very pissed off or looks like I’m Bridget Jones, running away from a relationship break up, when in actual fact I’m just thinking about what I’m having for dinner

•realising you haven’t spoken to another person all day

This was mainly when I was travelling around USA by myself.. Travelling from New Orleans to Newark to Morristown to JFK to Dublin to Belfast without speaking to a single person being the best example!

   RBF while realising you’ve been on mute all day
•losing your space

Same issues as number one, not being able to leave luggage unattended means that even if you want to put something in the bin you have to gather all your belongings and gave the threat of someone taking your space and more importantly, plug socket.

•trying to order food/drink 

Have you ever tried to hold a sandwich, a bag of crisps and a drink all while pulling along a suitcase, holding your coat and trying to find your purse? Not easy!

•sitting on the floor

When you see a group or even a couple of people sitting on the floor you don’t really think much of it, it looks quite cosy a group say in a circle sharing food and stories! However it’s different when you’re looking like Gollum protecting tour charging point by yourself.

•Trying to grab everything out the security tray quickly 

Liquids, laptops, iPads, phones, watches, shoes, jackets, all in separate trays with growing queues behind you = panic! Somehow nothing ever fits back into your bag either!

•sleeping on strangers 

I struggle sleeping on planes, even on the overnight flight from JFK to Dublin, yet one particular flight from Belfast to Bristol where the flight had been delayed for over 5 hours springs to mind. Travelling alone in the middle seat means their is a high chance of seeping on someone, a situation made a lot less awkward if you knew the person next to you!

•no one to compare people watching notes with

Maybe this is just my favourite past time, but I love people watching and making up stories about passers by with my friends or my mum – it really passes the time!

•losing battery try to not look like struggle no.2

In a bid to try and escape the Bridget Jones problemo, I will rely on my phone, whether it’s texting my friends, checking Facebook or scrolling through Instagram it makes me feel like I do have friends, even if it looks like I don’t!
So there it is, let me know if you can think of any others!




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