A Day in Derry/Londonderry

I only live around an hour away from the city of Derry/Londonderry and although I have been several times I had only been to the shopping areas.. I hadn’t explored!

As “market research” for a university project my friends and I descended on the close by city that none of us really knew intending to do a city sightseeing tour to learn about the very well documented history. 

However after arriving at the tourist information office we found the bus tours weren’t running but a taxi tour was suggested for us. For a very reasonable price of £35 for 5 of us we got a personalised tour around the city with a lovely driver named Harry – I definitely recommend him! It was so nice hearing his own personal stories of the city, and going to places the bus wouldn’t have taken us to such as the steepest street in Europe which was just crazy!

Still to this day there is segregation in the city between the catholic community and the Protestant community, with the famous murals clearly depicting which part of the city you were in, however our driver informed us of everything without bias. 

It was also interesting seeing how much the city has changed since its Capital city of culture programme title.

After our tour which lasted around an hour, Harry dropped us off at the famous Old Walls (over 400 years old!) for us to walk along and take typical tourist photos with the canons!

One of my friends has a broken foot so after all the hobbling we felt we deserved a treat.. We had heard from friends that a froyo cafe had recently opened and having all lived in America last year and suffering from severe froyo withdrawal symptoms off we hobbled to find the store! And boy were we happy when we found it! LoveFroyo is just off Shipquay St and although it doesn’t have the biggest selection of flavours I feel that once it has been discovered they will grow to include more flavours. I always get over excited and my tub ended up looking like a tub of pick n mix rather than ice cream but I love my sweets!

If you ever visit Northern Ireland (which I definitely recommend) I would highly suggest a visit to this interesting city!




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