Home is a strange word isn’t it? Is it where you grew up? Where you live currently? Where your loved ones live? Is it the feeling of being in a loved ones arms?Well the phrase I prefer most is home is where the heart is. That means my home is in more than one place, more than one house and more than one country.My first home at first glance is a relatively deprived seaside town; the sort that boomed in previous decades with holiday makers hitting up the beach with their striped bathing suits and dodgy collapsible deck chairs whilst children begged and begged for rides on the donkeys. Walking through the high street you see the signs of any struggling town; a line of charity shops, coffee shops and ecigarette shops. With your eyes glued to the floor its easy to miss, but if you look up the gorgeous Victorian architecture makes even the younger generations remember how the town once stood oh so proudly. The glittering lights and the sound of falling coins on the arcade strip are suddenly submerged in the beams of hidden beauty, a gem that can easily go unnoticed and unappreciated; a bright orange sunset rippling down the sea towards the land. A sunset that overpowers the stresses of the day, a sunset that could be on a postcard of a far off Island, a sunset that makes you look around the beach, inhale deeply and say “this is home.”.

Then is my second home, where I live now, away from my family and by myself, it is my fortress of solitude. The lifeboat bobs in the harbour as I look out from my living room while the waves crash against the cliffs in the background. On a clear day I can see 3 different countries, I can see dolphins, I can see uninhibited islands but I can also see fairgrounds, cafés and restaurants. This blend of atmospheres is what makes it home, the hustle and bustle of tourists during the day yet the peacefulness of an evening walk along the beach; the smugness knowing people visit my home as a holiday destination, this is where I live, and this is home.

Home can mean a lot of things. But whenever and wherever my heart flutters, I know I’m close to home.


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