Minimalist Packing!

One thing I have always struggled with (surely I’m not the only one?!) is packing. Whether it’s to move to a different country or just for a weekend a way I always think of scenarios where I may need something,when in actuality, I really won’t need it.So when I spontaneously decided I wanted to visit Edinburgh I decided to pack light, aftersll my luggage is likely to follow me around a lot of the attractions so I didn’t want it to be too heavy. After managing to travel around parts of America for 3 weeks with just a small cabin sized suitcase I decided I could do 26 hours with my usual every day hand bag. And here is how I survived!


Firstly I thought long and hard about the bare essentials. I could wear the same jeans so didn’t need to pack any of those, so all I needed was a long sleeved top and a short sleeved top (after all, a girl needs some choice!). A good pair of socks for all the walking around what I suspect will be very hill-y roads, and of course a change in underwear. I then just packed a baggy shirt to sleep in as I would be having a private room I needn’t worry about anyone seeing me!

Toiletries are another essential. However travel sized goodies are an absolute god send!! These pint sized necessities were all able to fit in my one make up bag; travel toothbrush, travel sized toothpaste, roll on deodorant and travel sized dry shampoo. It’s important to remember that most accommodations will provide body wash and things so don’t waste space with these! I also brought some make up wipes, hair grips, hand sanitiser, travel hairbrush (I use a tangle teezer because it’s so compact and easy)and a small tube of moisturiser. Because I knew I would only be walking around a city and wouldn’t be going out-out I only brought the basic make up collection, only bring what you need!

Next up are my electricals! I decided against bringing my beloved hair straighteners as they take up a surprising amount of space and weight, trusty messy bun is always a winner anyway! One thing I do recommend, particularly if it’s a long journey, is a portable charger. I got this little one in America and it’s a god send, it gives you that little boost until you can find a plug! Also the obvious iPhone charger was packed (and yes I did check about a billion times that I had it packed!) as well as headphones (absolute necessity for journeys!)

 Aswell as some reading material for the coach and ferry, that’s it! I wore my heaviest clothing (chunky scarf and coat) which I always recommend, you can always take it off on the journey!

So that’s how I managed to fit my weekend luggage into my simple handbag and didn’t break my arm carrying it around Edinbugh!

Thanks for reading!

M xxx


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