26 Hours in Edinburgh

Despite living in both its surrounding countries (England and Northern Ireland) and having family that lives there I had only ever been to Scotland once as a child and had become infatuated with Edinburgh. So one Monday night while in the library trying to revise I found myself looking at rooms on Edinburgh on Airbnb and next thing I knew it was Tuesday morning and I was on a ferry to Scotland!It was such an easy journey, the ferry was only around 2 hours and then I picked up a coach from Cairnryan to Edinburgh which stopped in Ayr and Glasgow. We arrived into Edinburgh and the first thing I did was try and find the castle! Although I did get a little lost at first Edinburgh is actually quite an easy city to navigate, most places are within walking distance of eachother.

The castle is up quite a steep hill but there are lots of beautiful views along the way where you can catch your breath. Despite some confusion when asking tourists to take photos of me in front of the castle (one where they didn’t include the castle and the second lady thought I wanted a photo with her so ended up having a photo with a stranger!) as you can see I did manage to get some and it is an amazing castle towering over the whole city.

Due to my phone battery slowly dying I decided to find my accommodation, charge my phone and work out a plan of action to ensure I could see everything I wanted to! I had managed to book a room in a house just by Calton Hill in a beautiful area called Hillside. 

After looking at the complimentary maps the home owner had left I had made my plans, first stop, obviously was Patisserie Madeleine. I actually ended up getting a taxi because it had started to rain and it was on the other side of the city. The patisserie was stunning, a huge selection of macaroons and cakes left me a very happy Madeleine! http://www.patisseriemadeleine.com/

The patisserie is located on Raeburn Place, a cute little street with lots of independent shops, cafes and charity shops. From here you can also walk over to the botanical gardens (highly recommend!) past some more beautiful houses (serious house goals!)

After my little walk around I decided to try out edinburghs public transport and got the bus back to the city centre, just a heads up like in a majority of big cities you’ll need the exact money as the driver doesn’t touch the money and doesn’t give change. 

Of course being me, I got off the bus a few stops early and had a nosey around anthropology and jack wills! 

Back at my accommodation I decided even though it was dark I would go and see Holyroodhouse Palace – The Queens Scottish home. I was hoping it would be lit up but sadly not! It was nice just walking around though! That evening I met up with one of my brothers friends for drinks in a bar called The Basement http://www.basement-bar-edinburgh.co.uk/ which is super cute, it’s very hipster and alternative which of course I loved! It’s also a Mexican restaurant and the food looked amazing! The cocktails also looked incredible!

After my yummy lemonade and catch up I headed back to my room to get an early night.

Day two involved a 7am wake up call to walk up Calton Hill while it was quiet to admire the Scottish Monument and of course the views! 

 After spending some time walking around I then made my way over to Arthur’s Seat to start the hike up to the top. On the way I went past holyroodhouse again and during the day it was absolutely stunning!!

I would highly recommend the walk up to Arthur’s Seat (although maybe not with a handbag!) although it’s tough there are lots of rest stops and the top is just amazing! Just check out the photos!

By this time it was around 10am and I believed pancakes were in order! I had remembered my friend mentioning The Bluebird Cafe. And of my goodness I was not disappointed! It’s a tiny little cafe but the owner was super friendly so we just ended up having a good chinwag while she made my pancakes. I went for the peach and pecan pancakes and oh my word it was amazing! Highly recommend a visit!

I only had a couple of hours remaining so I decided to visit Grassmarket as my last destination, again super cute! I love my bunting, especially when it’s lining the streets!

 Sadly that brought an end to my 26 hours in Edinburgh and I was pretty gutted as I sat in the bus station, but I’m already planning my next visit!



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