Travel Hack!

Ladies and gents praise the Lord the days of crinkled bits of paper and plastic wallets are gone! I’ve been using apps for my boarding passes for a while now assuming a lot of other people do too, but I’m slowly learning a lot of people haven’t yet discovered this game changer!On longer flights or dare I say it, more exciting, flights I do still prefer the boarding cards you get at the airport purely because I can keep them for scrapbooks so I can remember all the amazing times while suffering with the traveller blues. However when I’m just going in between England and Northern Ireland I much prefer using airline apps such as easyJet, Ryanair and Flybe.

Now you can use these apps throughout the whole countdown process: browsing -> booking -> boarding!

-Please note this information is correct for iOS, it may be slightly different with android etc.-

Some airlines, such as RyanAir prefer their customers to check in prior to arrival at the airport (be careful there is a fee if you don’t!) and so having this app is a great way of reminding you. Once you have checked in, you can add the boarding pass to your Apple Wallet and even add the flight details to your calendar – no excuses for being late now! Around 3-4 hours before your flight a notification will appear on your phone reminding you of your flight, and when you swipe the notification Ta-Daa there’s your boarding pass! 

The apps also keep you updated with flight information, with easyJet even going so far as to let you know which gate to toddle off to board your flight! I have found this particularly useful when at the airport as you all know the seating around the display screens is always the first (probably second after seats next to a plug socket 😜) section to be filled up, so these clever little apps save the jumping up and down to check the screens.

Obviously there are risks here, phone dying being the main one, but there are some great portable chargers on the market for those battery less than 10% emergencies (Top tip – put your phone on airplane mode and turn the brightness right down, this saves valuable juice!). 
So I’m thinking of continuing these travel hack posts, let me know if you enjoy them!




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