Budget Hotels!

As many of you who read my blogs know, I am a big fan of Airbnb.. It’s what I used when going round Europe and its my go-to when planning little weekends away around the UK. However recently when travelling up north, I actually found the cheapest accommodation available that was in the best location was with Premier Inn.

I’m sure you all know of the brand, with Lenny Henry featuring in their ads and the trademark purple theme running throughout. Basically Premier Inn is a budget hotel chain, with everything you need at a lower price. Don’t get me wrong I do love my little luxuries but when you’re just heading away somewhere where the focus isn’t on the accommodation, budget hotels are a great alternative.

Across the UK you will see at least one Premier Inn in every city, I know in my hometown of Weston-super-Mare there are now 4 or 5 in the surrounding areas! I really hope they expand over to Ireland and the rest of Europe as I feel it would be a great option for us young sun searchers who can’t afford the big fancy hotels.

I stayed in Liverpool One, Preston and Manchester North Terminal whilst on my little getaway and I was impressed with all of them! One thing you will notice with Premier Inn’s is you always know what you get. The hotels are basically all the same; some may have different eating arrangements, for example they may have a Brewers Fayre attached to the hotel or some have their own restaurant “Thyme” integrated into the hotel. But most will offer breakfast which you can choose from either a Premier (cooked) or Continental, both are all you can eat and either buffet style or cooked to order. Although the interior of Premier Inn’s is pretty consistent throughout, just have a look at Premier Inn Kings Cross in London to see what some of these “budget” hotels can look like – I was in awe!


Admittedly this is the only one I have seen that looks like this, however it could be a sign of things to come?

Prices vary depending on when/where you want to stay, typically city centre locations will charge between £80-100 per night at weekends, however if you book in advance or during the week prices can be as low as £25 per night.

I think Airbnb will always be my first stop when looking for somewhere to rest my head, however exploring the north of England has definitely opened my eyes to what else is on offer.


All my Love,



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