Acne is one thing I have struggled with for as long as I can really remember. I’m lucky in the sense that sadly a lot of people do have it worse than me, however when it was at its worse I felt like I was the only one. All of my friends had beautiful clear skin, whether they wore make up or not, whereas mine was spotty, bumpy and thousands of different colours!

I had been to the doctors several times and they had given me various creams and gels that hadn’t worked, when finally during my second year of university I decided to go on the contraceptive pill as I had heard from friends it had worked for them. Just to be clear throughout all of this I was also using various skin products that promised me clear skin! I stayed on the pill for a year, I noticed a slight difference, but nothing life changing, before a e a friend of mine had a very bad reaction to it that put me off. It was around this time that I discovered La Roche Posay.

La Roche Posay is a high street brand however it is on the more expensive side; at this point however I was willing to try anything.  The product that particularly stood out to me was the Efaclar 3-step anti blemish system.  I first saw this in a shop then went home and read all about it before purchasing it online through Feel Unique, shop around by clicking here

As the packaging states it is a 3 step ritual, which I was determined to stick to (I’m quite lazy with skin care and usually just go for a product that does EVERYTHING). I stuck with the process and did start to notice improvements, and when I notice improvements it gives me motivation to continue using the product.

1 year later and there has been such difference in my skin. I still go back to La Roche Posay when I have a bad breakout, but now use much more affordable products such as Loreal Clay Mask – both the face mask and the face scrub, and my personal fave Wilko own brand Skin Therapy. I really feel La Roche Posay gave my skin the kick up the backside it needed to start behaving! It is also worth noting I am now on the contraceptive patch as opposed to the contraceptive pill.

A selection of the skin care products I’m currently using and loving

This is a before and after of my skin, on the left is 1 year ago, the right is today. You can see my skin still isn’t perfect, but I’m so much happier and so much more confident now than I was. I’m in no way medically trained so couldn’t say exactly what caused this improvement on my skin, but I hope these little hints and tips will help you!

Before and After - 1 year on
It’s only when I look at old photos I realise how far me and my skin has come!



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