The perfect European Lakeside getaway

I’m not going to lie, Macedonia has never been on my list of places to visit. However I stumbled across a little town called Ohrid when using Kayak Explore to try and find my next holiday, and boy am I glad I did!So here’s some quick facts:

Destination: Ohrid, Macedonia

Near to: Albania, Montenegro, Bulgaria

Airport: Ohrid St John the Apostle airport (Skopje airport also isn’t far)

Currency: Macedonian Denar (MKD) although euro is widely accepted

Exchange rate: when we visited it was approximately 70MKD to £1

Language: Macedonian – English is widely spoken but not necessarily used in information (supermarkets, leaflets etc mostly written in Macedonian).
Flights are around £70 and are only with whizz airlines, they fly every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (people we spoke to on the plane had their Wednesday flight cancelled and were moved onto our flight so just be aware of this!). We flew direct from London Luton into Ohrid. Our lovely Airbnb host picked us and another couple up from the airport and our adventure begins!

Our first night we discovered our love for Ohrid as we got 2 takeaway pizzas for 200MKD – equals to about £3… WINNER.

If you are wanting a peaceful getaway I highly recommend ohrid. Walking around the lake you stumble across picturesque lakeside restaurants serving freshly caught fish, churches perched on cliff tops, the only sound being the slight buzz of a local fishermans boat.

Following the lake round we found what we have referred to as the blogger spot. The spot where if you search ohrid on Instagram everyone has found – Church of St John; so of course we found a beautiful spot and posed up a storm 

 Samuel’s Fortress is an old castle that looks over the whole of Ohrid and it’s neighbouring towns and for just 60MKD you can climb the walls and use the lookout tower as a wonderful viewpoint!

On our last full day we decided to head over to St Naum which is a monastery set on the other side of the lake. There are lots of boats that take you to St Naum however we left it too late so got the bus instead – just be wary they are very windy roads! There’s a little beach where you can chill out and little restaurants which look out over the lake where you can try some Macedonian cuisine! We had a few appetisers just to try and these included grilled pumpkin, goats cheese and some yummy bread!

Being the social media stalkers that we are we had found a beautiful cocktail lounge (they even did mocktails for me!) called Cuba Libre. Honestly you have to go, you will not be disappointed!! Gorgeous cocktails with gorgeous views and yummy food! All again for a crazy cheap price!

Honestly if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway where you can have breakfast on a Terrace overlooking a lake, and somewhere to dabble your toes in clear waters, I really recommend Ohrid.



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