A Week of Autumn 

How great is Autumn?! I decided to do something a little different this week as I just love this season, mainly due to the ability to flick between layers and Tshirt and Jeans! So I thought I would show what a typical week looks like for me! Enjoy!

Day One: Tshirt – Monki; Glasses,Belt,Jeans & Trainers – Primark

Day Two: Jacket – Abercrombie & Fitch; Top – River Island; Jeans – Primark; Shoes – Deichmann

Day Three: Jumper – Zara; Belt,Jeans,Trainers – Primark

Day Four: Coat – Primark; Jumper – New Look; Jeans and Trainers – Primark

Day Five: Coat – Primark; Scarf – Accessorize; Jeans and Biker boots – Primark

Day Six: Tshirt – ASOS; Jeans – Next; Trainers – Primark

Day Seven: Cape – Topshop; Tshirt – Primark; Belt – Primark; Skirt – River Island


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