Being by yourself

DE15B07E-1F96-4AF1-8794-A94F485B881DSo I’ve just got back from the best night of my life. I have been on my feet for 6 hours straight, I have been stood in the rain, but oh my gosh was it worth it. For the second time I went to see George Ezra in concert. The first time was when I was living in America I saw him in New York City, and now I’m back in the UK I came to see him in Birmingham.. and you know what? Both times I went by myself. That’s right. And it’s not the only concert I’ve been to by myself, I also went to see Matt Cardle in Belfast alone. Why? I have friends, I have family, I have people who probably could have come with me. But I have come to realise how important it is to do things by yourself.As a person I’m very quiet when it comes to being in a group, at school I was the silent one that sat in the corner avoiding eye contact, when I was a teenager I would cry until I was sick whenever my parents left the house, even at uni I was the quiet one who didn’t get drunk because she was so worried about what people would think about me. Then suddenly I decided enough was enough and I needed to do something.

It can seem so scary at first, I remember when I was going around parts of America by myself and before I started I had a freak out, what if something happens? What if I can’t find my hotel? What if I get lost? I can’t sit in a restaurant by myself! Who is going to take photos of me in front of landmarks (the most important question!)? But honestly, I had the best time. I was alone with myself, everything I did was because I wanted to, I could stay wherever I wanted, I could eat what I wanted and I could see whatever I wanted, no compromising, no worrying about other people and it was great. Everything seemed to appear clearer when you don’t speak to another human for days. Now I want to make it clear I do also love travelling with other people, some of my favourite holidays have been with my best friend by my side; however I feel it’s an unappreciated past time to just be by yourself.



So 2 months ago I decided I wanted to see George Ezra. I’m pretty sure he’s the love of my life (HAVE YOU SEEN HIS FACE?!), and so I set my alarm to 9am on day of release and bought myself a ticket. I booked myself a hotel room and bam, after waiting for what feels like forever I am sat in my hotel room with a Wagamama take away, family guy on the television, wearing my George tour Tshirt and drinking from my George tour mug having the best time. Tomorrow I might wake up at 7 and go into town at 9, or I might wake up at 10 and go exploring, whatever I do, it’s my choice and my decision. I don’t have to worry if my friend wants to go home or wants coffee or wants to go somewhere. All I have to worry about is that I keep my curtains closed when I come out the shower as my room has a massive window people keep walking past. To be honest, if that’s my only worry, I’m pretty happy with that.


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